Hangsterfer’s offers bio-stable high performance Aerospace approved coolants in soluble oil, vegetable based semi-synthetic and full synthetics. All products are non hazardous, non toxic, environmentally safe and operator friendly according to the GHS (Global Harmonisation System) standard. Hangsterfer’s only uses highly refined, ultra -pure ingredients in all products and are formulated with advanced technologies.





S-500CF ® Aerospace approved suitable for machining of all metals. It’s extreme pressure (EP) properties gives outstanding results on nickel alloys, stainless steels and aluminium alloys. Our CF version is chlorine free with specially formulated anti-weld and anti-wear compounds for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals especially aluminium alloys. Ultra low foam formulation is suitable for high pressure coolant systems.


HE-2 combines a high viscosity mineral oil base with advanced extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide maximum performance and lubricity. The result is an unmatched trio of physical film, chemical film and cooling properties that minimise tool wear. Suited for slower metal removal, severe deformation, difficult machining and finish intensive operations of all materials. It is ideal for those companies looking to replace straight oils where surface finish may be scuffed due to a lack of lubricity.




S-737 vegetable-based technology, lubricity characteristics of S-737 allow for excellent results in all material and noticeable differences in surface finishes. Ideal for general machine shops. Low foaming, bio resistant safe on environment and operators.


S-747 proven vegetable-based technology from Hangsterfer’s Laboratories. Low hydrocarbon formula utilises special vegetable derived ingredients to achieve outstanding results in exotic alloys, aluminium alloys, cast iron, ferrous and non ferrous materials. Perfect for high end machine shops looking for surface finish and tool life improvements. Ultra low foam formulation makes in a ideal choice for high pressure coolant systems.


S-787® is Aerospace approved, chlorine-free vegetable based semi-synthetic that represents the Next Generation® in technology. The unique characteristics of S-787 allow for excellent results in demanding applications with exotic aerospace and medical alloys. The natural translucent formula provides good work piece visibility, very low consumption, and often reduces coolant consumption by more than 20%! Ultra low foam technology makes it ideal for high pressure coolant systems over 1500psi.




Crystal Cut ® 465 contains a new unique chain link synthetic technology, which provides a variety of physical and chemical protection over a broad range of conditions. Crystal Cut 465 contains time tested technology combined with the latest molecularly modified components resulting in excellent lubricity and corrosion protection without compromise to health, safety and environmental concerns. Ultra low foam high pressure, clarity and surface finish formulation is only what you expect from Hangsterfer’s Laboratories.