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Zero Point Clamping System

The Zero point system massively increases productivity and cost efficiency by reducing set up time to speed up the entire machining process.

ZeroClamp is the first complete high-end system that is available at an affordable price.

ZeroClamp is offers state of the art capabilities, to dramatically improve time efficiency, all whilst maintaining perfect accuracy.

Capabilities include:

  • Picking up work pieces directly with the clamping bolt and thereby reducing the number of clamping steps;
  • Suspending the processing step in favour of rush orders and afterwards quickly returning to the previous position;
  • Setting up during primary processing time and thereby reducing the spindle’s operating time significantly;
  • Using a 3-axis machine for multi-sided machining simply with the ZeroClamp 90° angle;
  • Safety during the 3rd shift with less trained employees.

ZeroClamp covers the entire process chain – milling, turning, eroding, grinding, measuring and vice versa – all this without any loss of time, without loss of precision and without any machine downtime.


Download Zero Clamp catalogue for Livetools Australia